Functional Site

I’ve got the functionality I wanted to achieve at the start.

  • List of all registered active gigs
  • List of all inactive registered gigs
  • List(s) of active gigs by region
  • Ability of non-admins to add, edit & delete their gigs

Things I’d still like to do:

  • Document the add/update/delete functionality
  • Move the full list of gigs to a sub-page and make the front page more of an index.
  • Lists by type (Open, Pro, etc) possibly by region?


Site Basics

An earlier version of this site was fed from Google Forms and a backing spreadsheet. Google seems to have blocked that feed so I am redeveloping it.

It’s always bad timing when that happens, but in some ways it’s a blessing. The original was only ever intended as a very temporary exercise & maintaining it long term has proved a pain.

The data that was available in the original spreadsheet is now in a few database tables in this site’s WordPress database that are managed and displayed by the WP Data Access plugin. Because of the way I chose to build the original data form, people could create new entries but were unable to remove or modify entries as things changed. In my defense, I only expected to be managing the data for under a month. One benefit of the new home for the data is that I have changed it so I will be able to let people modify their own entries once I get that set up. Yay!

The database driven list of gigs is available on the front page of this web site, but in a fairly rough form. It’s usable, but not as friendly as the old site yet.

In the meantime, the original spreadsheet is available at Google Sheets I’ve imported the data from that sheet and don’t intend going back to it, so please don’t add anything new without letting me know.